How to buy a cheap flight ticket in 2020?

An air ticket is the most important component of a trip, and its cost directly affects your trip, if it is expensive, it simply can not take place.

During 10 years of travel, we learned and recorded life hacks, thanks to which you can buy a ticket cheaper than usual.

In this article we will share with you secrets that will allow you to make an unforgettable, and most importantly cheap trip!

Be flexible in your choice of date and time

Airline prices are constantly changing, up or down, it depends on the day of the week, season, holidays, and workload of the flight.

For example, on New Year’s holidays, air tickets are the most expensive, just like in the summer months, the cost of tickets to sea resorts increases significantly.

If you act like everyone else, you will have to overpay, and if you slightly move the dates of the trip, save a lot!

In addition, please note that tickets are cheaper in the middle of the week, by the weekend the airlines raise the cost, since most people can not get out of work in the middle of the week.

Early and late departures are usually cheaper than similar ones, but which take place during the day. Who, besides you, thrifty travelers, wants to get up at 5 in the morning, or gets in a taxi at 1 in the morning?

It is most convenient to track the cost of tickets in the calendar of low prices:

Be flexible with direction

It’s good to save on the cost of a ticket by flying to a nearby airport or neighboring country.

For example, you need to go to Bulgaria, but tickets to Burgas and Varna are expensive, then we buy a ticket to Istanbul and go to Bulgaria by bus, the same thing works with other countries.

Or another option, if you are not tied to a specific place, use the map of low prices, it will help you find the most profitable destinations.

You will need to enter the departure city, select the season, dates or any time for departure, check the box if you have a Schengen visa and click Show on map.

Use the meta-search for airline tickets

The time has passed when you need to stand in line at the ticket office or go around dozens of airline sites in search of a profitable offer.

You have probably already heard about metasearch engines that find and compare the cost of air tickets on the websites of various agencies and airlines. In the resulting issue you can only choose the best offer.

But there is one more secret, in different meta-search engines the price for the same ticket may differ (it depends on the conditions and the agency with which they work), so check prices in several systems at once.

We recommend that you search for tickets on our website in the Flights section.

Use lowcosters

Low-cost airlines are low-cost airlines where you can buy really cheap airfare. Europe, Asia and America have their own low-cost airlines.

Many low-cost airlines do not cooperate with meta-search engines for the reasons that they save money and do not want to pay a fee to keep the ticket price as low as possible, so you still have to go around several sites manually.

Low-cost airlines charge extra for baggage, seat selection, meals – in order to save money, you will need to refuse these things. Also, do not forget to register online for a flight, otherwise at the airport you will have to pay a tidy sum.

Occasionally fly charters

In summer, charters begin to fly to sea destinations, usually they fly there clogged and empty back, so they sell tickets very cheaply, starting at $30. You can take advantage of such an offer and plan your trip in such a way as to fly away on a charter.

Or vice versa, in late August and early September, charters pick up tourists from sea resorts, respectively, they fly there empty and also sell their tickets cheaply.

Search for flights with transfers

Over long distances, it is best to fly with transfers. For example, a flight to Bangkok or Kuala Lumpur, and from there on a low-cost airline to Bali will be cheaper than a direct flight to Bali.

Or a flight from Bangkok to Moscow with a transfer in Beijing cost me cheaper than a direct flight from Bangkok to Moscow, but I think you understand.

There are concepts of Layover and Stopover

Layover – docking up to 24 hours or just a transit change;

Stopover – docking for more than 24 hours, very often, even at the lowest fare, stoppers up to 3 days do not affect the ticket price.

Thus, you can save money and visit a new city or country!

Use cashback and miles accumulated cards

Paying for a ticket, you can save twice! First, sign up for one of the affiliate programs that works with Travel sites. I use

There I can generate a form or link by which I go to the site and pay for the ticket and receive a commission from this purchase to my account!

Secondly, I pay for this ticket with my All Airlines card, for which I get miles to the card account, with which I can then compensate for the cost of the tickets.

Search for flights for one person

If you set several people in the parameters at once, suppose that three of you are flying, the search engine will show the highest price. Very often at a low price you can buy no more than 1-2 tickets. In this case, tickets can be purchased separately.

For example, air tickets from Istanbul to Moscow cost $250, if you search immediately for three, and I bought them one at a time and paid only $200.

Buy tickets in advance

Airfare is not constant, they either increase in price or become cheaper, it depends on a number of conditions and circumstances. So, there is a point when tickets are the cheapest! Usually this is one and a half to two months before departure.

But there are exceptions, sometimes you can buy a cheap ticket for 2 weeks before departure, and the next day it will rise in price sharply.

Therefore, if you do not want to play roulette, buy a ticket in advance. Over time, you will have a feeling how much in advance to buy a ticket.


We told you about 9 main ways to save on buying a ticket, but there are others, such as watching the price in another currency, subscribing to airline shares, and so on.

You can use these methods one at a time, or combine them to get the lowest possible price for the desired ticket.

Useful tips on how to buy a cheap flight

To buy a cheap ticket there is no universal advice on how to do this. Favorable prices for flights can be found both at the airline and at the agency; meta-search engines or even tour operators often have good discounts.

Therefore, it is best to know the algorithm by which it is best to look for cheap flights!

Check the cost on the websites of airlines that fly in the direction you need. It happens that they hold promotions and make discounts that are not available from their partners.

Check the cost through several different meta-search engines – Travelscompare, Momondo, Skyscanner. The price for the same destination with the same date may be different, as they have different conditions for working with airlines and agencies.

Use the calendar of low prices, it will help you find the days with the lowest prices in a given direction.

Use low-cost airlines in Asia and Europe, they can find a price from $10 per flight.

Change the point of departure and arrival, there are cities (those in which the airlines are based) from which departure is much cheaper, and getting to them by car or bus is not so difficult.

Sometimes the cost of a flight can be cheaper than flights with a connection. Try playing around with the search and have a little adventure in the new city. Very often, even at the lowest fare, a stopover of up to 3 days does not affect the cost of the ticket.

Charters often fly to tourist cities, and in order not to fly one way empty, they sell tickets for pennies for such flights, for example, where the regular cost is $100, you can buy a ticket for a charter for $30. Charters are also tracked in metasearch engines.

How to save on booking hotels and apartments?

To save on booking a hotel or apartment you do not need to have special knowledge and be a member of a closed community of travelers. Today everyone can do it. In this article, you will learn the 8 easiest ways to travel cheaper! They can be used one at a time or, if possible, combined to get the maximum benefit!

Sign up for mailing lists of reservation systems,, have mailing lists where they regularly send discount coupons and special offers.

Typically, such coupons and promotions are limited in time, so you need to have time to use them.

Use seasonal sales

Hotel reservation systems often conduct seasonal sales (spring, summer, etc.). They make good discounts on certain hotels.

Secret offers from Agoda

When searching for a hotel on, there is a filter called SECRET DEALS, its essence is that you do not see the name of the hotel, you only see its name and the area in which it is located. It turns out that you book blindly, but at a good discount.

I recommend looking for expensive hotels with a large number of stars in SECRET DEALS, they have very good discounts on them. Genius Program has a loyalty program called Genius. To participate in it, you need to register on the site.

The more reservations, the greater the discount. Hotels participating in the program are marked with a special Genius icon.

The basic discount for the Genius program is now 10-15%, but it can be higher. And some more hotels provide additional services – breakfast, transfer, etc., which is also very nice.

Enjoy discounts from Airbnb, a popular apartment booking site, offers good discounts, but you need to know how to do it!

If you have not registered with Airbnb yet, register and receive a welcome bonus.

Look for apartments with the New icon. Yes, they do not have reviews yet, but Airbnb makes special offers on them with a 10-20% discount.

Check prices for a week, two weeks, a month. Often the owners make good discounts for these periods. And even if you live in an apartment for several days less than this period, the price for a longer period may be lower.

Collect points, dreams, nights

Some reservation systems have reward programs, according to which for each reservation you get a certain amount of points / dreams / nights (all of them are called differently).

Having typed a certain amount, they can be used to pay for a reservation or free accommodation.

Use the hotel price comparison services

There are sites that allow you to compare hotel prices in all reservation systems. They will show how much the cost of the same hotel in Booking, Agoda, and a couple of dozen systems. You just have to choose the lowest price and go to the booking site.

Compare hotel prices on our website in the Hotel Search section.

Pay with cashback cards

To pay for the hotel, use debit or credit cards with cashback / miles.

So with every reservation you will receive a small additional discount. And if you use the card with a cashback regularly, then you can save $500 a year, as I do.

What is the Genius program on

Booking is the largest website where you can find and book a hotel. It is believed that hotels there are more expensive than other services, but unfortunately I can not confirm this. Recently, I find the most attractive options on Booking.

But there is one little secret, the cheapest prices are not seen by everyone, but only by regular travelers, those who made 2 or more reservations.

Genius Loyalty Program

For registered users, Booking has created a loyalty program called Genius.

If you make any 2 bookings in 2 years, you will be given Genius Level 1 status, which is a 10% discount in those hotels marked with the .genius badge

Further more interesting! Having made more than 5 bookings over 2 years, you will receive Genius Level 2 status, and this is already a discount of up to 15%, as well as additional options in some hotels – free breakfast, transfer.

How to use the loyalty program?

Using the Genius loyalty program from Booking is very easy! Go to the site, enter the city where you want to find the hotel, dates and click Search!

In movies that appear, immediately mark the .genius icon

As a result, you will receive a list of all hotels that participate in the loyalty program.

Booking regularly sends interesting collections of Genius offers to different cities in the mail, I recommend you follow them.

So, in order to get the biggest discount on Booking, you need to make 5 bookings, this will automatically transfer you to Genius level 2 status and provide a lifetime discount!

What else gives Genius status?

For holders of Genius status, booking regularly holds promotions, for example, you can get a cashback of 10% of the cost of booked hotels. But this is not constant, you need to monitor such actions, usually they come to the mail in the mailing list.


Remember that Booking also makes money! You can place your apartment or hotel and very quickly start receiving orders! If you place your object on the service using this link, you will not have to pay a commission for the first 5 bookings!

8 life hacks how is it profitable to rent a car?

Going on an independent trip, you may encounter a situation where renting a car may be the most profitable solution for moving. In addition, it is also a great way to get to know the country better, you can call in places that you will not visit by public transport, move on your own route and even spend the night in a car, saving on hotels!

In this post we will talk about 8 life hacks that will help you to profitably rent a good and inexpensive car.

Use aggregators

To start a car search is with aggregator sites that compare show offers from different rental companies. This is easier than going to the website of each rental company.

In addition, aggregators can often get a better price than a rental company directly.

Service sites by comparing car prices:

Pick up and return the car in one place

The rental companies charge an additional fee for returning the car to another place, so to save money, plan your trip so that the car is returned in the same place where it was taken.

If this does not work, then try to increase the rental period to a week, some rental companies remove this fee for a long rental.

Take the car at the airport

Rental companies have most of their fleet at the airport, and the cost of renting from the airport is cheaper than in the city, especially if it is a resort city.

There is a practice when small companies do not have an office and a fleet at the airport, and they drive the car to your arrival. This is also a good way to save, they usually have low prices.

Book a car in advance

Just like airline tickets, cars tend to end. I recommend starting to search for a car for rental at least 3 weeks before the date of travel.

In addition, I recommend a flexible approach to the choice of rental dates, so you can find a more suitable car for you, including at a lower price!

Look for cars at your local car rental company

In countries such as Montenegro, Croatia, Bulgaria, Romania, Cyprus, there are many local rental companies, whose offers are better than international.

To search for such companies, I recommend using the aggregator

As an example, I can recommend the TopRentaCar company, the national distributor in Bulgaria, which has a large fleet of new cars at very affordable prices.

Do not use extended insurance

When renting a car, you will be offered to buy a Full Coverage insurance package, but if you drive carefully and are confident in your actions, you will not need it. For all the time I rented cars in different countries, I had no cases when this expensive option was useful.

Another thing, if you are in doubt or have already had an accident, then it is better to spend money and save on something else.

Choose options flexibly

To find a more profitable rental option, try playing around with options, as a car with a manual box will cost less than an automatic machine. Obviously, a Mini and Economy car will be cheaper.

Do not choose additional equipment, such as a navigator (you can use offline maps on your phone, Wi-Fi router, child seat (there are options for portable child seats for traveling that you can carry with you, you can buy on Aliexpress)

Now you can rent a hybrid or electric car, so you can save on fuel decently.

Pay by credit card

Pay for your car rental with a credit card, where you can accumulate miles or points, so you get an additional cashback.

When renting a car, you will be asked to leave a deposit, it is also beneficial to leave it in the form of blocking funds on a credit card, the return will be deposited in an interest-free period and you will not use your own funds that you may need.


You can use these recommendations both individually and together, combining different items. This will help you save money on car rental.

Where to fly for the winter? TOP 6 countries for wintering!

To decide where to fly, for a start, I recommend working with a calendar, this will allow you to understand the order of prices and immediately understand where you can buy a ticket and where not.

Did you see the prices? Now let’s move on to the most interesting, my list of TOP-6 countries for wintering in 2020-2021.


Of course, Thailand comes first. You can buy a ticket to Bangkok for only $300, and rent a house there for $500. In Thailand, there are many places to go to, this is my favorite Hua Hin, the island of Koh Samui or Phangan, Phuket or even Chiang Mai in northern Thailand.

In Thailand, a visa-free entry for 30 days is possible. The stamp is placed right at the airport upon arrival. If 30 days are not enough for you, then this period can be extended for another 7 days or fly/travel to another country and again get a stamp for 30 days at the border.

For a long stay, you can pre-issue a single visa for 60 days at the Thai Consulate, and in Thailand, after the expiration of the period, extend it for another 30 days. There is also the opportunity to apply for a multi-visa immediately for six months.


In second place, the most popular island for wintering is Bali. You can now buy a ticket to Denpasar for $450, but housing on the island will cost more.

I recommend comparing prices here, here at Booking and on Airbnb.

There are many places in Bali where you can settle down for a couple of months, or you can just travel around the island.

In 2020, you can fly to Bali without a visa for up to 30 days, they will put a stamp at the airport and you cannot renew it.

You can also apply for a visa upon arrival for 30 days, and then extend it for another 30 days or get a tourist visa in advance for 1 or 2 months and extend it already in Indonesia for another 30 days.


Malaysia is great for wintering. You can hang out in Kuala Lumpur or go to one of the islands, for example Langkawi.

Tickets for Kuala Lumpur can be found from $300. Housing for a month can be found from $500.

In Malaysia you can stay without a visa for 30 days, you just put a stamp at the airport. This period can be extended by another 30 days by contacting the immigration office or flying to another country and flying again, having received a stamp for another 30 days.

If necessary, you can pre-issue a tourist visa for 2 months at the Embassy of Malaysia in your country and then extend it for another 2 months.


Tickets to Vietnam can be found from $250, there is inexpensive housing and food, so wintering in this country will be very budgetary.

You can stay in Vietnam without a visa for 15 days. If you plan a trip for a longer period, you can get a visa upon arrival for 3 months, but for this you need to prepare an Approval Letter in one of the travel agencies and fly to one of these airports: Tianshonnat, Nha Trang, Danang, Noobai.

You can get a tourist visa to Vietnam in advance at the consulate of Vietnam in Moscow or at any visa center, such a visa can be obtained for 1-3 months.

On the island of Phu Quoc, you can hang around without a visa for 30 days.


Suddenly, Dubai appeared on this list, but all because in 2020 you can get a stamp at the airport for a stay of 90 days.

Although Dubai is considered expensive, you can buy a cheap air ticket here, as well as book a small studio for $700 a month.


Turkey is slightly different from the above countries in that it is not so hot in winter, but nevertheless it is ideal for wintering.

You can book an apartment in Alanya (Mahmutlar) or Antalya for only $300 a month, and flights to these cities can be found from $100.

Without a visa, you can stay in Turkey for 60 days, then you can go closer and drop in for another 30 days.